Preferred occupations to settle in Australia

Aug 06, 2020

Australia is a desirable place to live for many people around the world, not only for Vietnamese students. In Australia, many international students from the US, Europe, developed countries in Asia, Canada live here.

With a mild climate, good social security policies make Australia a dream country for many people. So which occupations can bring you a permanent visa to Australia in the future?


Medical occupations

Nurses, doctors are always among the groups of occupations with high opportunities to settle in Australia with good salaries. Most of the major universities in Australia have specialties in medical fields such as: ophthalmology, internal medicine, child health care, elderly people, elderly people.

However, pursuing a career in the medical field requires perseverance, passion and a passionate heart for the profession. With a huge amount of knowledge, international students need to pay a lot of attention to the lessons.



According to SEEK.COM (a major recruitment website in Australia), Nursing is always the profession that Australian society is always in need of more than any other profession.

Engineering group

Asian businessman working alone in office

Engineering groups, especially engineers in the field of bridges and roads, mining engineers, computer engineers, and mechanical engineers are very important positions in Australian society.

With the program not too long, usually taking about 5 years to complete both bachelor’s and master’s levels, engineering groups are the perfect choice for guys and girls who are passionate about machinery.

Education industry group

Besides doctors, teachers, researchers and educational administrators are indispensable in any society.

Pre-school teachers, secondary school teachers, high school teachers, university teachers, researchers and education managers are the professions that are always employed in Australia and have high chances of settling down. Most of these jobs require a college degree, but there are also jobs with lower requirements. However, to be able to qualify for the skills assessment, international students studying this major need to have an IELTS score of 7.0 for the two skills of Reading and Writing, and 8.0 for the two skills of Listening and Speaking.

Law group

In any society, lawyers are always respected by society because of their profound knowledge. In Australia, the legal profession is not only a prestigious profession, but also has a high salary.

With a long course of study, averaging around 7 years, a career in law is a challenging path for international students. However, having a law practice degree also means that the possibility of settling in Australia is very high.



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