Charlie Do (Long Đỗ)
CEO, Founder

Charlie Do has nearly 10 years’ experience of working in legal and financial consulting in Australia and Vietnam. He graduated in finance and migration law in Melbourne, Australia (MARN 1805823). He has handled many complex cases ranging from skilled visas, partner visas, to business / investment visas, and helped customers successfully settle in Australia. With dedication and in-depth experience in immigration, he always receives customers’ trust when they come to Vision First.

Kristine Nguyen
CEO, Co-founder

Kristine Nguyen has over 5 years of experience in immigration and graduated in immigration law in Melbourne, Australia (MARN 1798667). She is also a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC M644). With extensive experience and dedication for each application, she is highly appreciated by customers for her expertise. With a wealth of knowledge and in-depth understanding of migration policies, she always helps each customer establish a clear and suitable studying and migration pathway, giving them full trust in Vision First’s services.

Mr Chong Quaik
Immigration Law Accredited Specialist

Mr. Quaik is a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in migration and commercial law.  He is also one of the 41 Immigration Law Accredited Specialists in Victoria, Australia, and teaches Migration Law at Australian universities. Mr. Quaik is currently a strategic consultant for complex documents that require in-depth consultation at Vision First. With a wealth of experience and extensive expertise, he consistently delivers excellent solutions to complex cases, including business and investment visa applications, partner visas, and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) cases, which not many people can do.



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Success Story

Anh T - Visa 188

He and his family are very happy and happy to receive the good news from Mr. Long this morning, a good news that he thinks his family and Vision First have been waiting for for 2 years now. He is very grateful, very appreciative and very grateful to Mr. Long, Vision First's friends for their concern and favor for his family's case. Although the Covid-19 epidemic has greatly affected the process of tracking records, supplementing records, requesting medical examination, but you, Vision First have completed the requirements of the Australian Immigration Department by your own. his professionalism, experience and dedication quickly, completely and in a timely manner. Again, I really appreciate this.
Since 2 years after submitting the application for his family, he has not found any anxiety when interacting with Mr. Long, with Vision First friends in a spirit of comfort, trust and friendliness. That is what brings peace of mind and he is most interested in. He hopes Vision First will continue to promote this strength to continue to bring the same joy to many other families.

Anh K - Visa 858

Mr. K was originally a Petroleum Engineer in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). He has been researching about Australian settlement for a while but has not found a suitable solution. After being consulted by Vision First and applied for the Global Talent program (Visa 858), he and his family had PR (Australian Permanent Residence) in a short time.

Bạn A - Visa 500

Friend A successfully obtained a student visa in early 2021. A previously completed a Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering - Mechanical course in Australia.
However, to help A stay, Vision First advised you to study Commercial Cookery/Hospitality Management strategy (Cert IV + Diploma + Bachelor). This is a solid springboard for you to get Australian PR later.

Anh H - Visa 188

Mr. H's family is in the business of building materials in Vietnam and has a child who is studying at university in Melbourne. After discussing, the family thought about the decision to move the whole family to Australia but could not find any suitable solution. Vision First then consulted and introduced visa 188A and proceeded to prepare documents. After nearly 2 years, the whole family has successfully obtained a Victorian Visa 188! Mr. H's family is now very happy that their children will be able to get a PR (Australian Permanent Resident) later on and not be in competition for a Skilled Visa (like 189 or 190).

Bạn T - Visa 858

T has studied Architecture, an industry needed by Tasmania and is also quite popular with Vietnamese, so the path to settlement is quite bright for you. You still have a problem that you did not have the right job when you submitted your State Nomination. However, VF still got you bail just over 2 months later. In particular, T was granted a visa in just 3 weeks from the date of submission and was not required to submit any additional documents.

Bạn H - Visa 590

I don't know what to say other than thank you very much, Ms. Ha and Vision First team. I have been granted a 590 visa thanks to the dedicated guidance and help in preparing a thoughtful profile of the Vision First team. Moreover, after being granted a visa, the sisters still guide and answer my questions. So thank you very much and best wishes to the whole team. Wish Vision First more and more success.

Bạn H - Visa 482

Mr. H has successfully obtained a Visa 482 for Chef (Chef) - a job that is no longer strange to Vietnamese people. Visa 482 (medium-term stream) is the path to PR by Visa 186 later. Coming to Vision First, you H was given specific advice on the route to get a 482 visa and the way to a 186 visa later.


Ha Viet

My application for student visa was granted within really short time thanks for Vision First. Tammy and Duke are helpful and super cute. They provide me full of information and guide me considerately. Thank Ha and Long for your kindness. Highly recommended!!! Thank you so much for help.

Huỳnh Mai - Australia

It has been more than a week to reunite with my husband. Because I was so happy, I did not have time to thank Mr. Duke Bui and Ms. Tammy Nguyen. Today, for me and my husband Nguyen Vu Dang, we would like to express our deep gratitude to you. After I sent the profile to you, I told myself I had to play for it, but if not, I'm here already. ?. Thank you for your HEART for those who bring the Australian dream like us. You guys helped make the start of vc e really smooth. Worrying about whether you will receive interviews and even instructing you to fly an airplane is like taking care of your loved ones. We will do our best to fulfill our dream. Wishing you all good health, happiness and success. And will be an effective arm to support your Australian dreams, okay????.

Joby Khoo - Melbourne

I got the opportunity to work with Charlie, Jane, and Helen. Regardless of the crises, I was going through, Charlie and his team kept me in line and constantly assured me that everything will be fine, without any hesitation. They work very fast and maintain professionalism throughout the entire process but at the same time, they put care into it. And that’s what makes Vision First different. They have definitely gone above and beyond for me. And for that I cannot be more thankful. I have said this before but I will say it again, thank you very much for all your time and effort, guys. All the best in the future and stay safe.

Phương Trinh - Melbourne

I'm really really pleased when I work with Huyen. She's is the most enthusiastic consultant I ever know. She replies any time I message ❤. She listens carefully, understands and guided me successfully through the process. I highly recommend Vision First for who need advice in education. Also thanks VF to have this lovely girl, who can guide and be a good friend.



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    530 Little Collins Street, Suite 513, Melbourne VIC 3000