Aug 07, 2020

Studying Information Technology, students will be equipped with basic knowledge of natural sciences, basic knowledge such as computer networks, information systems, programming, software… At the same time, depending on the training program Created by each university, you will be able to choose majors that are suitable to your abilities and interests such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Security, Computer Networks and media…

More than ever, our world has never needed more technologists, programmers, network and data security specialists, and data analysts than it does now. Along with the great development of technology, large corporations in the world are always in a state of talent hunting and that is why the IT industry is the first choice of many international students in Australia. . In addition, with wide career opportunities and many opportunities to lead to permanent residency, IT is a hot subject that you should refer to when studying in Australia if you have a passion for computer science, numbers, data network systems and programming.

Career opportunities: The IT industry is seriously lacking due to the low proportion of additional personnel for these industries in Australia. According to a recent report by the Australian Computer Society and Deloitte Access Economics, Australia currently needs about 100,000 people for the IT industry.


Tuition fees/year (varies depending on the course and duration): from 60,000 AUD – 150,000 AUD

Average salary/year: 60,000 AUD – 190,000 AUD

Immigration route

Study 2-3 years => Apply for a Temporary Resident Visa 485 => go to work for 1 year or study Professional Year (44 weeks) => apply for an immigrant visa



Aug 07, 2020

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